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The Extraction Lab – Where Design, Theatre and Brewing Meet

14 March 2017
by Cloe
bean member

The Extraction Lab located in Industry City Brooklyn, New York, is the 1 month old flagship/showroom for Alpha Dominche. Their 2nd Generation ‘steampunk-style’ brewing machine, Sight, made its debut in April 2016 at the Specialty Coffee Association of America conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

The beautifully minimalist Scandinavian interior of The Extraction Lab is rivalled only by the sleek design of the innovative machines lined heroically along the bar.

The functionalities of the machine allow the barista to control every variable with precision. Traditional settings like grind and dosage now get fine tuned alongside volume, temperature, time and agitation settings. This tailor-made style of brewing allows every cup to shine individually. Furthermore, the iPad with which you control the settings allows the information to be shared with all users. 

The coffee menu changes daily but there’s always something for everyone. The 6th March menu looked like this:

NOBLETREE – Fazenda Santa Izabel, Roasted in Brooklyn, Grown in Brazil ($3)

UMURIMA, roasted in Aarhus, Denmark and grown in Burundi ($4.50)

TOBY’S ESTATE – El Faldon, Roasted in Brooklyn, Grown in Columbia ($4.5)

THE BARN – Mahembe, Roasted in Berlin, Grown in Rwanda ($5)

NINETY PLUS – Semeon Abay, roasted in San Diego and grown in Ethiopia ($18)

For the serious coffee lovers out there you can taste a range of Geisha’s priced at a very cool $40 per cup.

Intimidated yet? Don’t be! The Extraction Lab is working hard to be a destination for everyone regardless of their coffee knowledge. Over the next couple of weeks they’ll be rolling out their new packaging and presentation style which will include information cards detailing processing information, flavour wheel profiles, darkness of roast, varietal, roaster location and farm information/location. Soon this information will also be available on every table by way of an iPad and APP which will allow the drinker to order remotely while sinking their teeth into as much information as possible.

Other upgrades on the horizon are a small in-house roaster to roast small batches of premium coffee for ultimate freshness and a tasting/training room.

Definitely worth the trip if you’re in New York.