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Our Story

beanlinked came to me when I was travelling through growing regions in South America

After talking to coffee farmers, I continued to see them struggle with the growth of knowledge at a production level – knowledge that’s so commonly shared by the rest of the industry. I also noticed a lack of constructive feedback and praise for the people who work so hard to produce our daily caffeine fix. So I set up beanlinked to help support the sustainable growth of specialty coffee through communication.

By building an online coffee community, my hope is that coffee farmers, businesses and coffee lovers everywhere will use beanlinked to share knowledge, love and praise to help sustain the future of specialty coffee (and guide coffee farmers at a production level).

I really hope you’ll become part of the beanlinked community and join in sharing your coffee know-how with the world.

Billy Ballard
Founder and CEO


Bill Ballard, founder of Beanlinked